Online Resources for Primary Schools

We have adapted a number of resources from our JA Programmes for use in self-directed learning and to help students #keeplearning at home. Click on the images below to open a downloadable version of the resources.

The resources are all aligned with the formal curriculum, easy-to-use and have been successfully facilitated by thousands of volunteers in schools nationwide. 

OUR FAMILIES (6-7 Years)

Our Families discusses the role of families in the local economy.
These activities aim to introduce students to 'jobs' and 'entrepreneurship'. Students will learn about the jobs that family members have and how people need to earn money to provide for a family’s needs and wants.

Our Families Worksheet

OUR CITY (9-10 Years)

Our City considers economic development, local businesses, and career opportunities.
A city is a place where a lot of people live, work, play, and go to school. Through these activities students map out a city as a city planner, become an architect and create an advertising campaign. Our City is kindly supported by Core.

Our Cities Worksheet

OUR NATION (9–10 Years)

Our Nation studies business operations and economic issues in Ireland.
Students learn about entrepreneurship, develop business plans and create a business advertisement.

Our Nation Worksheet

ENERGIZE (10–12 Years)

Energize, a partnership between JAI and Gas Networks Ireland, explores the world of science and engineering in a fun and exciting way.
The exciting world of science is all around us! Energize explores health and wellbeing, energy, and safety in the home in a fun and exciting way.  Students can also take part in a poster competition which highlights the dangers of carbon monoxide - with an iPad for the winning entry's class!

Energize Energy Explorer Worksheet Energize Cover Energize Cover Energize Cover Energize Cover

JJ Volunteer Siobhan Murphy with students Andrea Thorp Lolly SaluSTEM2D (10-12 Years)

Johnson & Johnson have developed excellent at-home activities which can be found at

Ignite activities typically take 5 to 15 minutes to complete and use everyday materials that you can find at home. These are excellent ways to learn STEM2D skills outside of school. Whether you want something exciting to do on the weekend or you're looking for another fun way to learn when school is at home, Ignite activities are for you!