JA programme Overview

JA's unique approach allows volunteers from the community to deliver our curriculum while sharing their experiences with students. Embodying the heart of JA, our classroom volunteers transform the key concepts of our lessons into a message that inspires and empowers students to believe in themselves, showing them they can make a difference in the world. JA’s programmes are designed to be fun, hands-on, high-impact experiences that give young people a taste of life in the real world. These learning experiences inspire and motivate students to acquire the skills they need for future career success.

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A new range of virtual volunteering programme options are available for the new school year. These programmes retain the benefit of traditional in-class JA programmes while adding extra flexibility for both volunteers and schools.

Expanding the range of options for blended learning – combining traditional and digital methods – allows volunteers to facilitate programmes via classrooms’ interactive whiteboards, while the teacher helps facilitate in-class discussion and handing out hard copy materials.

Programmes begin at primary school level, teaching students how they can impact the world around them as individuals, workers and consumers and continue through to second level, right up to age 18, preparing students for their future careers. All programmes are facilitated by volunteers who are fully trained and vetted before commencing and are generally delivered for 30mins once a week over 4/5 weeks.

Primary Programmes

Let’s open a window on the wider world! JA primary school programmes show young students the vast array of opportunities there are for them to use their talents, imagination and creativity when they grow up. JA programmes are also aligned with the formal curriculum. Let’s help students reach their best potential!

Second Level Programmes

What’s the point of maths? Why the big deal about punctuality? And who’s going to give me a job anyway – I don’t have any stand-out-from-the-crowd talent! Second level programmes are structured, hands-on and activity based, focusing on enterprise, communication and interview skills as well as financial literacy. These programmes take the mystery out of negotiating the path from school to a career that suits each student’s individual strengths.

JA has collaborated with Junior Cycle for Teachers (JCT) to highlight the development of Key Skills through JA programmes and promote JA activities in second level schools.