JA @ Home for school students of all ages


  • Resources cover 1st class to 6th year
  • Adapted for self-directed learning
  • Have been successfully utilised in hundreds of schools

A wide range of resources have been once again made available by JA to assist teachers and parents as they continue to support students of all ages and their ongoing learning at home.

The resources are all aligned with the formal curriculum, easy-to-use and have previously been successfully facilitated by thousands of volunteers in schools nationwide. They have been modified for use in self-directed learning or reshaped as an extended learning opportunity to allow for effective use in the home.

• JA primary school resources show young students the vast array of opportunities there are for them to use their talents, imagination and creativity when they grow up. To access these resources please go to https://jai.ie/primary-online-resources/

• Second level resources – focusing on entrepreneurship, employability skills, financial literacy as well as the value of STEM – take the mystery out of negotiating the path from school to a career that suits each student’s individual strengths. To access these resources please go to https://jai.ie/secondary-online-resources/

JA volunteer recruitment and training is continuing, with a view to recommencing JA blended learning programmes as soon as schools are in a position to accommodate volunteers’ virtual visits. We are dedicated to enabling unique learning opportunities for students to make connections between what they learn in school and how it can be applied in real life.

CEO Helen Raftery underlined JA’s appreciation for educators around the country: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our educators for the exceptional work you have been doing to provide continuity of learning for your students. While recognising that every school, and every student, has varying degrees of access to resources and online capabilities we are delighted to have made our resources available online for use during this challenging time. It is our sincere hope these will prove useful to both teachers and parents when considering resources to be utilised at home by students. In our work with schools across Ireland, we see at first-hand the incredible work being done to prepare students to achieve success in their futures, thank you for continuing this vital work in such unprecedented circumstances.”