We have adapted a number of resources from our JA Programmes for use in self-directed learning and to help students #keeplearning at home. Click on the images below to open a downloadable version of the resources.

The resources are all aligned with the formal curriculum, easy-to-use and have been successfully facilitated by thousands of volunteers in schools nationwide. 

FUTUREWIZE (12-14 Years)

Futurewize links the strands of the junior cycle science curriculum as students explore different jobs and opportunities within the STEM sector and become aeronautical engineers by designing and launching their own rocket.

 Futurewize Earth Space Futurewize Smart Futures

CAREER SUCCESS (15-18 Years)

In partnership with Accenture, JA’s employability programme integrates the Accenture Skills to Succeed Academy (S2S), a digital platform for use by senior cycle second level students. Effective Communication. Teamwork. Personal Brand. Interview Skills. Students practice and develop these skills and understand their relevance to school, to work, and to life.

Career Success Personal Brand Skills to Succeed Academy


Supported by Citi Foundation JA Enterprise in Action encourages students to examine the role of an entrepreneur in today’s society. Students will review entrepreneurship and acknowledge the importance of developing entrepreneurial skills for future roles, as well as the value of ‘intrapreneurship’ and social entrepreneurship in today’s economy and society.

Students work with tangible examples of entrepreneurship, such as product ideation, to enable them to practice skills and acquire knowledge. Students also have the opportunity to create a video to promote their newly created social enterprise, and be in with the chance to win a €50 voucher.

EIA Entrepreneurship EIA Business Finance EIA Whats My Business


Finance Your Future, supported by the Metlife Foundation, covers real-to-life topics like balancing your own personal budget, learning about the importance of saving as well as an introduction to pensions.

The correlation between level of education attained and earning potential are included in the design of the activities in order to reinforce the value of education and staying in school, as is the importance of knowing your skills, interests and values for future career choices.

Finance Your Future Your Pension Your Future Finance Your Future Keeping Your Balance