JA Ourselves

Story time and small children. JA uses compelling stories about helping, working, earning, and saving along with hands-on activities to engage the students. Ourselves introduces the economic roles of individuals.
Financial Literacy

  • Strand: Oral Language
  • Strand Unit: Receptiveness to Language
    - become an active listener through the development of a range of listening activities based on stories read or told
    - listen to a story or description and respond to it

    • Strand: Measures
    • Strand Unit: Money Euro
      - recognise coins up to 20 cents and use coins up to 10 cents
      -exchange a number of coins for a single coin of equal value and vice versa
      - use coins in shopping activities, tender appropriate coins, calculate change
      - use correct vocabulary: cost, price, cheap/expensive, change, too much/
      too little

    Our Community

    What lies beyond your front door? Let’s explore it! JA volunteers introduce students to a community and some of the people who live and work there. Through interactive activities, the students learn about workers, the work they perform, why they are paid, what taxes are etc.

    • Strand: Human Environments
    • Strand Unit: Living in the local community
      - explore and discuss his/her role and that of others in the family, school and local community
      - become aware of and learn to value the diversity of people who live in the local community and the contribution they make

    • Strand: Myself and the wider world
    • Strand Unit: Developing Citizenship-- Identify those who have special responsibilities for looking after people in the community & the importance of the contribution of each individual to community life.

    Our City

    A city is a place where a lot of people live, work, play, and go to school. So JA volunteers help students build a city! Supported by Core the programme guides students to construct paper buildings, map out a city, plan their own restaurant business, create an advertising campaign and examine why banks are important.


    • Strand: Human Environments
    • Strand Unit: County, regional and national centres
      - become familiar with the location and names of urban areas in the county, some of their important buildings, and other features

      • Strand: Myself and the wider world
      • Strand Unit: Developing Citizenship
        - recognise how each person has both an individual and a communal responsibility to the community
      • Strand Unit: Media education
        - explore some of the techniques use in marketing & advertising.

      It’s My Business!

      Through engaging activities, It’s My Business! provides students with an opportunity to experience the initial steps necessary to start a business. Students identify their own entrepreneurial characteristics; develop a business startup from its ideation, innovation, and market research cumulating with an opportunity for students to pitch their new business idea to potential “funders”.

      • Strand: Human Environments
      • Strand Unit: People living and working in the local area and people living and working in a contrasting part of Ireland.
        - explore and investigate, especially through practical studies, a small number of the common economic activities of people in the locality and in a contrasting part of Ireland

      • Strand: Myself and the wider world
      • Strand Unit: Developing Citizenship
        - discuss the role of leaders and organisations that serve the community at different levels and the influence that they have
        - develop and practice leadership roles and learn to work together

      Power of Design

      Supported by Dublin City Architects and the Centre for Excellence in Universal Design (CEUD), the Power of Design programme highlights to students the importance of design in day to day life and the career opportunities in this field. The Power of Design also introduces primary and secondary school students to the use of design as a tool for positive change.

      • Strand: Drawing
      • Strand Unit: Making Drawings
        - continue to develop awareness of how people and objects occupy space
      • Strand Unit: Looking & responding
        - look at and talk about his/her work

        • Strand: Myself and the wider world
        • Strand Unit: Developing Citizenship
          - identify some local issues of concern and explore possible action that could be taken to address these issues

        Our World

        The Our World programme explores the importance of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths). Each week, students discover STEAM skills and the role they play in the future of our world. Students will learn about sustainability, engineering, technology and importance of innovation all while developing their team work and problem solving skills through this 5 week programme. 



        • Strand: Environment Awareness
          - come to appreciate the need to conserve resources
        • Strand: Caring for the Environment
          - come to appreciate individual, community and national responsibility for environmental care
        • Strand: Designing and Making
           - explore freely how a range of shapes, objects and other constructions could be made using a variety of materials
           - explore how some objects might be improved or adapted
          - communicate their design plan using sketches, models and other media including information and communication technologies
          - organise work, taking account of constraints and resources

          • Strand: Length
            - estimate and measure length using appropriate metric units
          • Strand: Applying and Problem solving
            - Analyse problems and plan an approach to  solving them
            - Reflect upon and evaluate solutions to problems

          • Strand: Making Constructions
            - explore and experiment with the properties and characteristics of materials in making structure
          • Strand: Looking and responding
             - look at and talk about his/her work and the work of other children


          The exciting world of science is all around us! Energize, delivered in partnership with Gas Networks Ireland, encourages students to continue with science in second level education and beyond and introduces them to the career opportunities available to them in the future. Energize explores the world of science; health and wellbeing, forensics, energy, safety and light in a fun and exciting way. Students also have the chance to participate in a Carbon Monoxide Safety Poster Competition with an opportunity win a prize for their class.


          • Strand: Environmental awareness and care
          • Strand Unit: Science and the environment
            - Recognize the contribution of scientists to society
            - examine some ways that science and technology have contributed positively to the use of the Earth’s resources

            • Strand: Energy and Forces
            • Strand Unit: Light
              - Investigate the refraction of light
              - Investigate how mirrors and other shiny surfaces are good reflectors of light
            • Strand: Materials
            • Strand Unit: Properties & characteristics of materials
              - identify and investigate a widening range of common materials in the immediate