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Business Supporters

“I consciously decided this year that despite both work and family pressures I needed to avail of the wonderful opportunities in my company to give something back to my community. I didn’t know until I took part in the program that it works both ways – I got as much out of the program in terms of enjoyment and sense of fulfilment that the students got from partaking. I also gained a renewed pride in belonging to a company that invests money and people into local community engagement.”
Maura McGrath, Elavon

“JAI is a fantastic organisation that I really feel privileged to have volunteered with. It’s incredibly rewarding to see the students grasping business concepts and getting so engaged. The lessons are always very fun and interactive, with lots of learning! I love volunteering with JAI.”
Kevin Lyons, Dell

“Thanks for this brilliant opportunity. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience teaching in St. Paul’s. I was so nervous before the first class but straight away the enthusiasm from the class was so exciting. I had a lot of fun delivering the course to them. I’ve been recommending JAI to everyone since and will continue to do so.”
Claire Pugh, SQS

“My initial nerves at the thought of standing in front of 25 six-year old immediately left me when i walked into the classroom and received the warmest most enthusiastic welcome from the whole class. The JAI programme was easy to deliver, the lessons are all prepared for your so you don’t need any teaching experience to deliver them and the kids were interested and engaged with the stories and the activities. I always looked forward to the next session. Thank you to JAI for this opportunity – I would recommend this to anyone as a worthwhile and rewarding experience.”
Áine Reilly, Northern Trust

“I thought it was an extremely useful programme. The students benefited from having someone independent come in and deliver a very well put together learning programme and it also enhanced their overall interest in science. Personally, I also found it a very useful exercise in improving my communication skills.”
Noel O’Connor, Central Bank of Ireland

“From start to finish this was an interesting and rewarding experience. The JAI staff were friendly, helpful and engaging. The training was at the appropriate level, giving comfort to me before going to the classroom. The teacher in the school was friendly and helpful and the pupils were fully bought into the experience. All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I would recommend it to anyone.”
Anthony Worthington, Central Bank of Ireland

“It was a worthwhile programme which allowed me to feel that I was giving back to the community. I got a great sense of satisfaction and enjoyment from the students and it’s a great feeling to believe I may have inspired even one of them to go on to do great things.”
Katie O’Connor, Stryker

“Junior Achievement was a great experience overall. The students were always eager to learn and had many questions about the world of work. Teaching them was an enjoyable experience and I would highly recommend volunteering in this programme.”
Ellen Finnegan, Abbott

“My JAI experience was very rewarding and it helped me to come out of my shell. The kids were amazing and really enjoyed the whole experience. It boosted my confidence and helped to improve presentation skills.”
Anthony Curtis, TEVA

“JAI has been an incredible bridge that has allowed me to support the local community. Education is one of the main pillars for professional development, and JAI empowers this from an early stage. Being part of this process has been an amazing experience and I would definitely like to participate again in the future.”
Luis Miguel Arenas Gonzalez, eBay

“I loved every minute of the experience, I was nervous to start but made sure I was familiar with the session and the nerves went once I got started. Such a lovely experience to go into a classroom of excited participants and be able to teach them about the world and introduce these concepts to them. I would highly recommend the programme and it was a great way to get involved in the local community.”
Kelly-Ann Maher, AIB

“I enjoyed the experience hugely. I actually loved teaching the kids and watching them grasp new concepts. I loved the classroom environment and the whole teaching aspect appealed to me enormously. The volunteer guidebook was very impressive and was really straightforward to follow both as part of your preparation and during the class. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough, it was fantastic. It was the most enjoyable experience I have ever had from a work perspective.”
Frank Milton, AIB

“I’m so glad I took part in the programme and would definitely do so again in the future. The students were very eager to learn and engaged in the programme very well. It was a unique experience and a fantastic opportunity to have the chance to put yourself back in the shoes of your 10 year old self and think about what you wanted to be when you grew up. At the same time, the students really enjoyed having the chance to hear about the world of work from someone’s personal experience and I found it inspired them to work hard in school as they realised the link between what they learn on a day to day basis in school and how building on that learning will be important when they join the world of work.”
Katie Nolan, Matheson

“It was a great experience, the teacher and the kids were a lovely to me and we had lots of fun each week learning about the Ourselves programme. I was very sad saying goodbye on my last day but it was truly one of the best work experiences I have ever had and for that I would like to thank both JAI and AIB for allowing me to take part.”
Lisa Byrne, AIB

“I have just finished up my time with 4th Class in Our Lady of Good Counsel Girls National School and I have had a great time going to visit them each week. We were doing a course called ‘Our Nation’, the idea of which was to show the importance of education in the workplace. Each week we did a different activity which focused on various aspects of owning a business and what is involved. The girls seemed to enjoy all the activities as the lessons were in the form of games and projects. It all came together in the last week when they have to make a business plan for their future business and they had lots of different ideas. They were very enthusiastic about it and some of them even said it made them decide that they want to have their own business when they are older! I’m really glad I signed up to do it and already know that I want to participate again next year.”
Ann-Marie Gralton, Carne Global

“I have found volunteering with Junior Achievement to be an extremely rewarding experience for both me and the students. The students really got into the JA programme and enjoyed learning something new in each class which in turn opened their minds to what is going on the community and world outside of the class room. The Junior Achievement programme is a fantastic investment in the future of these students.”
Andrew Kehoe, BNY Mellon

“I really looked forward to Tuesday mornings when I would be seeing my class. It was really encouraging to see them remember little bits from each week and move along the journey with me. A great experience and I can’t wait to try it again.”
Niamh Barry, KPMG

“I loved the experience and really enjoyed going to the classes each week. It helped me develop my confidence in presenting (no easy task standing up in front of a bunch of 16 year olds!) I really felt like the programme reached a good few of the girls by the interaction in activities and the questions they asked. I will definitely sign up to do this again.”
Nadine Daly. KPMG

“Teaching 6th class students was a lot of fun – with lively interaction and questioning. What was most surprising was how half the class seemed to know little about the practical application of science in the world around them – it was a great joy to see them discover and learn new things and hopefully spark their interest to study science in future years.”
Bruce Harley, MSD

“I had a great sense of achievement and pride after finishing the JA programme. It was more than I expected and I enjoyed giving something back to the community, it most definitely helped with my communication skills and boosted my confidence.”
Eilish Ferguson, Abbott Diagnostics

“JAI is a great way to give back to the local community, do something good and enhance your skill set…all the while having a great time!”
Robert Martin, Oracle

“I enjoyed delivering the class. I wish I had something like it when I was in school; I think it’s a great way to motivate kids to work hard at school and see that there are “cool” jobs to get into. It outlines the importance of skills development and further study.”
Linda Higgins, Johnson & Johnson, Vision Care

School Leaders

“The JAI programme was invaluable to the students and one of the best experiences they had throughout transition year. They learned valuable skills, grew in self-confidence and were inspired by the people they came in contact with from the business world.”
Mairead Martin, Guidance Counsellor, St. Joseph’s C.B.S. Secondary School, Dublin 3

“It was once again an amazing experience for the children and teachers to have shared the business prospective in education. The JA programmes have been engaging, educational and above all, a fun learning experience for the children. The business volunteers have been courteous and utterly professional, and it is due to the sincere interest and commitment of the volunteers, that our children looked forward their JA programme. Many thanks to all involved for adding to, and being part of ,our collective wisdom.”
Matthew Meleady, Principal, Coolgreaney N.S., Co. Wexford

“We feel it is a very valuable experience for the children to engage with people from the world of business and entrepreneurship. It offers them a different perspective and allows them to focus on their communities and how they operate. Teachers inform me that the resources and materials used are very appropriate and relevant to the topics at hand. The work ties in very well with S.E.S.E. and S.P.H.E. strands of the curriculum.”
Maria Kinsella, Principal, Presentation Primary School, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary

“Once again the pupils and staff at Our Lady of Mercy Senior Primary School have enjoyed the wonderful menu of programmes, which stimulate and encourage our young girls to broaden their thinking. The business volunteers who delivered the programmes this year to over 300 pupils were consistently well prepared and enthusiastic and the children engaged with the programmes with great ease. As leaders of a DEIS school we regularly evaluate our curriculum delivery to ensure relevance and suitability for our pupils and Junior Achievement complements our curriculum strand units perfectly.”
Maria Doyle, Principal, Our Lady of Mercy Senior Primary School, Waterford

“I wish to thank companies for their continued support of the Junior Achievement programme. By releasing your employees from their busy work schedules our students benefit from the programme, which aims to bring the business world to classroom and develop entrepreneurial skills in younger students. Our school is designated DEIS Band I and it is wonderful for our pupils to be exposed to role models from the business world who can inspire them to achieve more in their future lives. We are highly impressed with the enthusiasm and dedication of the volunteers and are very grateful for their support. The programme wouldn’t be possible without the generosity and commitment of so many companies and employees.”                                                                                                                                                  Lesley Gleeson, Principal, Stanhope Street Primary School, Dublin 7

“On behalf of all the teachers in Scoil Mhuire, I would like to offer our sincere thanks to the companies who took part in the 2016 programme. Each year the children learn a huge amount about business and enterprise. The programme is well integrated with our Primary School SESE, Maths and English Curriculum. The child- centered resources motivate the children and inspire their imagination around the business world.”
Ms. Kathy Kane, Teacher, Scoil Mhuire, Coolcotts Primary School, Co. Wexford

“As a result of having taken part in the Junior Achievement programme the children have delved into the world of business through various media. The language of business was introduced to them in an unobtrusive manner which was Curriculum linked at all stages .The entire programme, which was superbly resourced, has broadened the horizons of our pupils in a way that was fun, relevant and educational for all concerned.”
Marie Rossiter Gargan, Principal, Scoil Mhuire Our Lady’s Island, Co. Wexford

“As a school we really appreciate the volunteers who deliver the Junior Achievement programmes. We thank them for their time, energy and enthusiasm. We also thank them for coming to our school and trying in some way to inspire our pupils to become the best they can be. The volunteers bring the outside world into our classroom and they do it in a happy and giving way.”
Michael Walsh, Principal, Mount Sion Primary School, Waterford

“Please extend our most sincere gratitude to the various partners and businesses which make the Junior Achievement programmes possible. Situated as we are in the heart of Inner City Waterford, this initiative affords our girls a window on the wider world and invites them to consider their own future contributions to society—all achieved in such a fun and productive manner.”
Bríd O’Brien, Principal, Our Lady of Mercy Senior Primary School, Waterford

“The students are very enthusiastic about Junior Achievement and derive great enjoyment from the various programmes. I feel that the links are beneficial to all. The children experience different activities and the volunteers get a glimpse of how schools function today and how the adults of the future will see the world”.
John Driscoll, Deputy Principal, Star of the Sea N.S., Passage West, Co. Cork

“Forging links with the wider community is a very important role for any primary school. Please convey our thanks and appreciation yet again to all the companies and organisations for supporting this venture and helping to develop and strengthen these links by delivering such interesting and worthwhile experiences for all of the boys in our school.”
Kevin Doran, Principal, St. Declan’s N.S., Waterford

“I wish to express my gratitude on behalf of all the teachers and pupils in Scoil Mhuire gan Smál Junior Achievement this year. The Junior Achievement programme links in with our SPHE curriculum strand ‘Myself and the Wider Community’. The teachers and the children enjoyed the programmes immensely.”
Principal Irene Simmons, Scoil Mhuire gan Smál, Letterkenny, Co Donegal

“Junior Achievement is an excellent programme which caters for all abilities and levels in a fun, active, hands-on, discovery-learning methodology and approach. I would highly recommend the JAI experience for any classroom and school.”
Aoife McElwaine, Principal, St. Columba’s N.S., Fanad, Co. Donegal

“I am writing to you on behalf of the staff and pupils of Gaelscoil Riada, Athenry, Co. Galway to express our sincere thanks for the volunteers who visited our school. The feedback from the pupils who participated in programmes was extremely positive and they really enjoyed engaging with the activities presented over the duration of the programmes. Junior Achievement has provided a wonderful opportunity for our students to explore the world of industry and its integration with differing aspects of their community. Junior Achievement is an integrated learning programme which fosters a sense of responsible citizenship and enquiry of the world around us and we are very grateful to the business volunteers for investing time in the programme.”
Sinead Nic Ghiolla Chionnaigh, Príomhoide Gaelscoil Riada, Athenry, Co. Galway

“We were extremely fortunate this year to be chosen to participate in the Junior Achievement Ireland programme. Indeed, all of the teachers who were involved in the process commented on the high standard and the work and preparation that the volunteers put into each of their visits to the school. They all agreed that the programme was a wonderful benefit to the children. For the children themselves it was a thoroughly enjoyable process and it quickly became one of the highlights of the week for them. As a school it is wonderful to be included in the Junior Achievement programme. It provides the children with an insight into the world of business in a fun and practical manner. It always provides enjoyment and education to the children in the school. We would be delighted if we could be included in the programme in the next school year.”
Stephen McHugh, Principal, Ballindine N.S., Ballindine, Co. Mayo.

“The programme was hugely beneficial to the children as it gave them a clear insight into the scientific world around them. The volunteer introduced the children to the role science plays in industry in Ireland today and the career opportunities that are available to the children in the future. The programme effectively linked into the curriculum especially Science, with a strong focus on mathematics, reading and writing skills. I look forward to your continued support of this programme and Junior Achievement Ireland.”
Brenda Gavin, Teacher, 6th Class, Presentation Primary School, Tuam, Co. Galway

“The Junior achievement program has been a fantastic development for our school. Creating leaders and entrepreneurs of the future is at the very heart of everything we do here at Claddagh. This initiative is hugely worthwhile and we remain hopeful that it will continue.”
Michael Gallagher, Principal, Claddagh N.S., Galway

“Our children love the responsibility and the challenge of working on new material such as entrepreneurial skills. The children really enjoyed being approached as young adults and it empowers them and pushes them to achieve their learning objectives.”
Peadar Carty, Teacher, Harold’s Cross N.S., Dublin 6W

This is our fourth year working with Junior Achievement Ireland and we continue to find the experience very positive for students and staff. Our first year students learned a lot from the two programmes in which they participated. There was also the added benefit that the programme enhanced our Business Studies course. Making connections with the wider community in which the school is located brings a lot of benefits to all parties involved. We hope that the links made will continue into the future.”
Collette Tinnelly, Teacher, St. Mary’s Secondary School, New Ross, Co. Wexford

“Our students need contact with personnel from outside the school. By meeting people from a business environment, they understand the type of innovative thinking and communications skills that they will need to develop as part of their education. Being part of the future world of work in a global economy requires preparation. The Junior Achievement programme is an excellent tool with which to impart this type of knowledge.”
Catherine Begley, Teacher, St. Aloysius’ College, Carrigtwohill, Co. Cork

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