Bring Your Child To Work Day at Boston Scientific

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Boston Scientific Group Pic Volunteers ChildrenBoston Scientific volunteers with the children who participated in the Bring Your Child to Work Day

Boston Scientific recently held a Bring Your Child to Work Day in their Galway site. The event was led by Boston Scientific employees accompanied by a local Junior Achievement volunteer. The 16 students consisted of children and grandchildren of Boston Scientific employees.

Children gowned up for Action2Throughout the day the students got to work on a variety of fun and educational activities based around STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). These exercises were mainly centred on the importance of health and wellbeing, disease and how pathogens can invade our bodies, and the journey of a new medicine from conception, research and development all the way up until it is released for public use.

The students also got to enjoy a demonstration of Boston Scientific’s breakthrough learning resource – Procedure Pal. Procedure Pal is a revolutionary tabletop learning resource which allows students to learn about 10 medical devices, where in the body they can be implanted and how they work, all in a fun and interactive manner.

Labour market data shows that Ireland continues to experience a skills shortage in the STEM sector despite major growth and employment opportunities.The Procedure Pal was created with the intention of inspiring students to consider a future career in healthcare.

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