Junior Achievement Ireland (JAI) encourages young people to remain in education and helps them develop the skills they need to succeed in a changing world. JAI is part of a worldwide organisation bringing entrepreneurship education to over 10 million young people each year. It was established in Ireland in 1996 and since then has built up a strong demand from schools throughout the country and created successful partnerships with 180 leading organisations.

Maths Week

Junior Achievement programmes help to create a culture of enterprise within the education system. We also help young people prepare for the world of work, giving them skills in communications and preparing for interviews. Financial literacy programmes enable students to explore how to manage, protect and make the most of future salaries. As we move towards a knowledge-based economy, JAI also brings science and maths skills to thousands of young students nationwide as our business volunteers work to deliver exciting programmes and events.

Programmes begin at primary school level, teaching children how they can impact the world around them as individuals, workers and consumers and continues through to secondary school, right up to age 18, preparing students for their future careers. All JA programmes are taught by business volunteers recruited from supporting organisations who are fully trained before they commence their programme.

We believe our students deserve the opportunity to learn from business volunteers about the relevance of their studies. Students want to be successful. And students dream big about the future. Really big. Working with our fantastic supporting organisations we’re here to help fulfil those dreams!


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