Volunteering with JA

Junior Achievement (JA) volunteers are role models from the working world who donate their time and expertise to inspire the next generation.

JA volunteers help students to make connections between what they learn in school and how it can be applied in the real world. Through volunteers sharing their enthusiasm and experience, young people gain an understanding of the important role that education will play in shaping their future.

JA volunteers believe they can make a difference – and they show students that they can make a difference too. Our volunteers are what sets JA apart.

How it works

Becoming a JA volunteer will challenge and reward you. The excitement and satisfaction of mentoring, of transforming attitudes and helping young people open their eyes to the world of work keeps many of our volunteers coming back year after year.

A new range of virtual volunteering programme options are available for the new school year. These programmes retain the benefit of traditional in-class programmes while adding extra flexibility for both volunteers and schools. Expanding the range of options for blended learning – combining traditional and digital methods - allows volunteers to facilitate programmes via classrooms’ interactive whiteboards.

Programmes begin at primary school level, teaching students how they can impact the world around them as individuals, workers and consumers and continue through to second level, right up to age 18, preparing students for their future careers. All programmes are facilitated by volunteers from supporting organisations who are fully trained and vetted before commencing and are generally delivered for 30/40mins once a week over 4/5 weeks.


JA programmes led by trained business volunteers:

  • Help boost career ambitions
  • Develop transversal skills
  • Emphasise link between education and the working world
  • Lead to higher employability
  • Lead to improved entrepreneurial skills and attitudes
  • Enhance intentions to start a business
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Benefits to Volunteers

  • Excellent form of personal development
  • Enhanced presentation and communication skills
  • Improve your confidence
  • Increase your visibility in your organisation
  • Connect with your community
  • Help meet your organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility objectives

Surveys of more than 3,000 volunteers over the past five years reported the following:

said students responded well to the opportunity to work with a business volunteer
said JA provided sufficient support during the course of their programme
would participate again in the future
would recommend volunteering with JA to colleagues
Volunteers also noted the following benefits after their JA experience:
found their participation enhanced their communication skills
reported a boost in confidence
reported improved organisational skills
felt enhanced pride in their company as well as job satisfaction

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