Partnering with JA

Your organisation can make a real and meaningful difference to the lives of young people in your community.

JA works in partnership with our supporting organisations to complement the work of our schools by recruiting, training and managing business volunteers to work with students to inspire and motivate them to make the most of their education.

We pride ourselves on our ability to create mutually beneficial partnerships with a range of organisations. From providing inspiring hands-on volunteering opportunities to developing world class skills development programmes, we have significant experience in creating long-term bespoke partnerships that are helping young people to develop the skills and attitudes to succeed.

Your support is a visible, meaningful, and measurable demonstration of your organisation's commitment to the future success of our young people. Each partner makes a fundamental difference in our ability to impact more students in more ways, and meet the growing demand for our programmes.

Our impact

Since 1996 JA has worked with business leaders and school leaders all over Ireland. In that time, more than 30,000 business volunteers have enabled more than 900,000 students to benefit from JA programmes and workshops.

Your organisation can make a real and meaningful difference to the lives of young people in your community.  JA programmes:

  • Help boost career ambitions
  • Develop transversal skills
  • Emphasise link between education and the working world
  • Lead to higher employability
  • Lead to improved entrepreneurial skills and attitudes
  • Enhance intentions to start a business
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What’s involved?

  • An annual financial contribution
  • As much or as little of your staff’s time as you can give to your local school & their students…

Benefit to your organisation

Benefit to your organisation include:

  • Excellent form of personal development for staff
  • Enhanced presentation and communication skills for business volunteers
  • Increased employee engagement and staff retention
  • Establish a profile of corporate responsibility in the local community
  • Helping develop work readiness among young people
  • Providing role models & encouraging "at risk" young people to stay in education
  • Help meet your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives

A partnership with JA includes:

Develop bespoke proposals to meet your Corporate Social Responsibility goals
Full suite of project management services
School relationship management
Recruitment, vetting and training of volunteers
Recognize and promote our partnership through communication initiatives
Impact evaluation and report presentation

Benefits to your staff

Surveys of more than 3,000 volunteers over the past five years reported the following:

  • 97% said students responded well to the opportunity to work with a business volunteer
  • 97% said JA provided sufficient support during the course of their programme
  • 97% would participate again in the future
  • 99% would recommend volunteering with JA to colleagues

Volunteers also noted the following benefits after their JA experience:

  • 76% found their participation enhanced their communication skills
  • 60% reported a boost in confidence
  • 45% reported improved organisational skills
  • 39% felt enhanced pride in their company as well as job satisfaction
  • 38% reported increased job satisfaction
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Young people face a global employment crisis that will impact their career opportunities and financial well-being for the rest of their lives. This crisis is due in part to the changing nature of work itself, which is widening the gap between the needs of employers and the skills of young people. So critical are the challenges facing today’s youth that more than one-third of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) directly reference young people.
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