Virtual Volunteering Options

A new range of virtual volunteering programme options are available for the new school year. These programmes retain the benefit of traditional in-class Junior Achievement (JA) programmes while adding extra flexibility for both volunteers and schools.

Expanding the range of options for blended learning – combining traditional and digital methods - allows volunteers to facilitate programmes via classrooms’ interactive whiteboards.

 Programmes begin at primary school level, teaching students how they can impact the world around them as individuals, workers and consumers and continue through to second level, right up to age 18, preparing students for their future careers. All programmes are facilitated by volunteers who are fully trained and vetted before commencing and are generally delivered for 30/40mins once a week over 4/5 weeks.

Primary Programmes

Our Community (7–8 Years)

What lies beyond your front door? Let’s explore it! JA volunteers introduce students to a community and some of the people who live and work there. Through interactive activities, the students learn about workers, the work they perform, why they are paid, what taxes are etc.

Our City (8–9 Years)

A city is a place where a lot of people live, work, play, and go to school. So JA volunteers help students build a city! Supported by Core the programme guides students to construct paper buildings, map out a city, plan their own restaurant business, create an advertising campaign and examine why banks are important.

It’s My Business! (9-11 Years)

Through engaging activities, It’s My Business! provides students with an opportunity to experience the initial steps necessary to start a business. Students identify their own entrepreneurial characteristics; develop a business startup from its ideation, innovation, and market research cumulating with an opportunity for students to pitch their new business idea to potential “funders”.

Energize (10–12 Years)

The exciting world of science is all around us! Energize, delivered in partnership with Gas Networks Ireland, encourages students to continue with science in second level education and beyond and introduces them to the career opportunities available to them in the future. Energize explores the world of science; health and wellbeing, forensics, energy, safety and light in a fun and exciting way.

Power of Design (11-13 Years)

Supported by Dublin City Architects and the Centre for Excellence in Universal Design (CEUD), the Power of Design programme highlights to students the importance of design in day to day life and the career opportunities in this field. The Power of Design also introduces students to the use of design as a tool for positive change.

Junior Achievement Ireland (JAI) is a member of one of the world’s largest educational non-profits, preparing young people for employment and entrepreneurship, delivering hands on, experiential learning in work readiness, financial literacy, entrepreneurship and the value of STEM.

Reaching more than 12 million young people last year, JA is one of few organisations with the scale, experience, and passion to build a brighter future for the next generation.

Second Level Programmes

JA Inspires (13–16 Years)

Whether in person or virtually, JAI volunteers have an important story to tell students of all ages. Through this once-off 40-60 minute workshop, students will learn from CEOs, entrepreneurs and experts about their career and educational paths. They will inspire students to see themselves in similar careers and to realise that many of the skills they acquire at school are transferrable to the workplace. The workshop is split under the 4 main themes of JAI: Employability, Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship and STEM.

Finance Your Future (15–18 Years)

Finance Your Future has been developed with the generous support of MetLife Foundation. The programme explores earning potential, balancing personal budgets, future planning, risk and insurance. By practicing these skills, students come to realise the importance and impact of their education on their future.

Career Success (15–18 Years)

In partnership with Accenture, JA’s employability programme integrates the Accenture Skills to Succeed Academy (S2S), a digital platform for use by senior cycle second level students. Effective Communication, Teamwork, Personal Brand, and Interview Skills are the focus of the programme. Students practice and develop these skills as the JA business volunteer demonstrates their relevance to school, to work, and to life.

Enterprise in Action (15-18 Years)

Supported by Citi Foundation JA Enterprise in Action encourages students to examine the role of an entrepreneur in today’s society. Students will review entrepreneurship and acknowledge the importance of developing entrepreneurial skills for future roles, as well as the value of ‘intrapreneurship’ and ethics. Students work with tangible examples of entrepreneurship such as product ideation and venture creation.